Testimonial | Client Satisfaction Matters MostAt the end of the day, what matters most is a client's satisfaction. I pride myself on exhibiting a strong knowledge base of design, setting and meeting deadlines, surpassing expectations, constantly learning, encouraging productive critique and honest dialog about ideas, and remaining goal orientated. In my career applying these professional traits has proven to be key in fostering positive long term relationships. Here are some of the things clients have to say about my work and professionalism.

Toussaint and Veronica : Co-Owners/Realtors Alliance Realtors
Broadview, Illinois


"I personally want to take the time to thank you for making a difference in our organization, Alliance Associates Realtors, Inc.  You have supported our organization with phenomenal efforts.  Our backs was against the wall because of not having a website.  Our organization realized in today's environment a website is mandated.  But I must say you spent hour after hour (quality time) ensuring that our website met all of our needs.  I appreciate your past professional experience and wisdom that you shared which help to formulate our website into the excellent presentation that it is today.   In addition, thanks for the wonderful photography work as well.  I consider you my one stop shop as it pertains to a Graphic Designer (Websites, photography and designs/layouts).  Your photos at our "First Time Homebuyer's Seminar", captured moments that made our clients smile.  Thank you for your promptness, professionalism and excellence."


Chicago, Illinois


"Mr. Muhammad is a top-tier professional. I have worked with him since 2006 as a client on numerous projects. He is skilled in every element of project development and delivery from a critical analysis of client needs, to a presentation of diverse creative solutions, to the ongoing support of his customers. He is the first name that I think of for visual solutions and the only contact that I reach out to. I am grateful to have his expertise available to me.."


Seth : Owner, Weaver Graham LLC

Chicago, Illinois

"Mr. Muhammad is a very talented designer. He has completed 3 logo designs for me and  I have been very satisfied on with the outcome of all 3 projects.  With a basic explanation he is able to take a vision to the table all you have to do is explain to him what you want and he brings it to reality. Also he is very professional and timely with his work.  I cant thank him
enough for all the work he has done for me."



Hartsville, South Carolina


"I am an avid fan of Osceola's work. I am very anxious about what the next piece will be.


The first piece I received from him is my interpretation of a warm African evening. I call this my calming piece,  because when things are chaotic around me, the golden background and beautiful trees and giraffe takes me a calming corner of life.


The second piece is a beautiful wood carving, which is very heavy on the top, with thin legs to hold it up. To me it's symbolic of how much pressure one can carry and as long as one is centered and focused the pressure is never too great. The carvings symbolizes to me the different stages and experiences one has in a lifetime never going in any particular direction, but constantly growing and stretching.


The 3rd piece actually belongs to my father. It is a painting of my family's life. This picture is what I call the story teller, because

there are no two people who looks at it and tells the same story. This painting covers over forty years of living, growing,

maturing and endings.


The last piece is of my mother and me, taken from a photograph that was over twenty years old. This painting is life, it captures the friendship, the secrets and the love between a mother and her daughter."



Westchester, Illinois


"I was planning for my retirement party in June of 2015. I went to Osceola to order both my invitations and tickets at the last minute. Being a cancer survivor I wanted a pink reminder of where I had been. I asked him to also add my past and present to the invite. A lot of request, but he came through..What he created was wonderful. Not only did I have a beautiful invitation, but a wonderful keepsake which saved money on favors. My husband birthday is coming up soon. I will go back, he did a great job."



Chicago, Illinois


When I received my photographs I was speechless. Osceola did a wonderful job capturing several beautiful moments of my daughters. He was very patient with them, especially the 3 year old when she no longer wanted to take pictures. He adjusted and began taking candid pictures of her which turned out amazing.  I was very pleased with the experience and I will definitely contact him in the future.



Chicago, Illinois


"I want to thank Osceola for his expertise, outstanding commitment and compassion to his craft. He is a thoughtful skillful artist and recently finished an exquisite portrait drawing of my daughter and granddaughters that I presented to me wife at our recent family dinner. Not surprisingly, he stayed within my budget and exceeded my expectations by delivering the art work prior to my initial due date. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism, desire to create what I had envisioned and for the integrity of his work clearly displayed with the final product. My wife was thrilled with the final project and we plan to use him for future jobs."


Mona : Owner, KnottyLoop Creations

Bellwood, Illinois


"Having ideas is one thing however, being able to creatively convey them is another. Osceola has been my go to person from the jump for all my graphic design needs.  He has elevated KnottyLoop Creations to a higher level.  From my business cards, hangtags, posters, right down  to my signage; he has continue to surprise and lift up my brand.  Not once have I been disappointed with the direction or the final product.  Osceola has a great eye for design as well as a great ear to hear what the customer wants and needs.  He combines these qualities to create just the right graphic…  His attention to such details results in a powerful statement.  I look forward to doing business with him again…and strongly recommend him to others."


Kristine : Owner, Be Artful Media

Peoria, Arizona


"Osceola  is more than a great graphic designer, he is a true artist. His ability to bring a concept to life  while still expressing the feel and culture of the brand is why I continue to call on him for my firm's web design needs. His mastery of color theory and visual balance has been instrumental in our mission to make our projects works of art. He is an invaluable

member of the extended Be Artful Media team"


La`Trice : Founder, Elevated Elements

Chicago, Illinois


Osceola has truly exceeded my expectations as a graphic designer!  He was able to create a brilliant, idiosyncratic logo that captured and articulated the essence of my company.  Osceola was very responsive to my needs with an extremely flexible approach.  He took great care and time to explain and walk me through the process, making me feel comfortable and empowered about my vision and the concept that would symbolize it.   He has an ingenious design skill with an eye for detail that is unparalleled.  For those who are seeking creative artistic expression, I unequivocally recommend Osceola for all of your design needs as I will be using him for all of mine!


Nerissa : Owner, NuVintage Boutique

Chicago, Illinois


Osceola Muhammad is a creative genius. He is both brilliant and passionate about his craft and about providing the best services for his clients.  I am building my brand from the beginning. Osceola not only designed my logo, but he is also working on what I need to get me to the next level with my brand. If you want the best designs that fit your personality and show your brand to the world, you want Osceola to create them for you.


Dr. Rose

Chicago, Illinois


Starting a new business takes a great deal of hard work. While going through that process, I realized that choosing a logo design to represent your brand is huge. I had an image in my mind and needed someone to express it on paper. Osceola nailed it! He has a way of connecting with clients to give personalized service.  From that point on, I knew he was my go-to man for graphic and creative arts.


As I was planning my wedding, I stumbled across an alternative to the traditional guest book. After vowing not to be too traditional, I knew the guest board was an excellent choice. I reached out to Osceola and told him vision and VOILA! We loved the final product! He captured my vision, style and wedding colors exactly. Not to mention, he is a pleasure to work with. The guest board received so many compliments. I would recommend his quality work to anyone. This board can be used at not only weddings, but birthdays, anniversary parties and a multitude of special occasions. This is one of the best purchases we made for the wedding!



Chicago, Illinois


"Absolutely thrilled with my logo, (Osceola) captured exactly what I was looking for my foundation and more, I'm a forever client...."




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