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About Me


Osceola Muhammad
rincipal Creative

Hello, I'm Osceola

The Nutshell

I'm a Chicago-based multidisciplinary Artist, Graphic Designer, and Photographer providing creative contractual services to various clients. 

The Beginnings

I've been a Creative my entire life, always drawn to creative endeavors. My undergraduate studies were focused on traditional studio arts such as painting, ceramics, stained glass, jewelry making, etc. Along with traditional studio arts, I also minored in English with a concentration in Creative Writing (poetry and short fiction). 

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studio Art in 1998 from Southern Illinois University and after a few years off I entered a graduate program at Purdue University receiving a Master of Arts in Visual Communication Design in 2002. 


Since that time I have acted primarily as a Graphic Designer and Photographer working with various companies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals in full-time, part-time, and freelance roles. I've also sold art and received commissioned projects.

The Now

Today, I am a working Creative who works with both digital and traditional mediums bouncing around from logo design, to teaching ceramics, and painting portraits, to shooting events, and vending festivals. I am a happy mess of creative interest and am currently deeply in love with the changing of gears in what I do and having the opportunity to work with so many different types of people.

The Future

I wholeheartedly enjoy the trajectory of my life, which is in lockstep with my creative career. I'm still just starting to fully embrace that being a Creative is not what I do but who I am. I will continue to work on great projects with great clients while also growing as a Creative/Human. 

Working With Me

I am currently open to discussing new projects. Feel free to reach out at

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