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Photography allows us to capture and preserve moments that would otherwise be lost. It gives us a chance to see the world through other people's eyes and helps us understand our place in the world.

My Experience 

In 2010, shortly after starting a full-time graphic design role with South Side Help Center I realized there was a need to capture the services being provided for their marketing materials and volunteered to take on the role.


Since then my freelance client list has grown and photography has become a substantial part of my career. 

*All projects in my portfolio are original and I am the sole creator from concept to completion.

Event Photography

Event photography captures the life, energy, and emotions of an event. It can take people back to a moment in time when lasting memories were created.



Portrait photography can be used to capture a moment in time that will last and can be looked back on in the future. It is particularly great at celebrating people, capturing their unique personalities and expressions to create a lasting memento.


Food and Product Photography

Product photography allows potential customers to develop an understanding of your product by showcase the quality of the product, its features, and even the overall aesthetic appeal. Product photography can also help create trust and credibility.

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