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If You Must Fight

If you must fight for me

Don’t fight in times of fear

Don’t lower yourself or

bend in places not meant to bend

Don't fight for me groveling from your knees 

Spilling sorrow and idealisms

of what could be

but never was

Spare me the reminders of happy happenings

Don’t attempt to tease up a

loving happier version of me that

you’ve chased off long ago

Those surface trappings now fail

The weapons of adolescent wars have

rusted and been knocked dull and

now thud against calloused skin

If you must fight for me

fight for me in times of peace 

and silence

and stillness

and comfort

Fight for me while my heart happily  

purrs in the warmth and safety of your lap

If you must fight for me

Be savage with kisses that

snatch away my low moments

Pierce my flesh with stares of admiration

Scrape me down with a flirty compliment

Claw a path through the guts of space to

draw yourself into me as if it's

the only place you ever belonged

Inhale my exhales

Exhale for my inhales

Hang on

Allow a lingering embrace its time to 

entangle and constrict

any divisive concern that

roams our connection's corridors

If you must fight for me

be ruthless and ugly to commit to our beauty

Hunt with a jagged loving disposition that is

blood thirsty

for a conversation

on some park bench 

of a perfect early evening

where the sun begins 



Be here with me

On your feet

With a straight proud spine

Hold my hands

Lock into my eyes

Fall passionately in sync with me

Be an oasis of joy

The inspiration to smile

The reason to rush home

My twin spirit

If you must fight for me

Fight for me 


Fight then

Not now

Fight then

For now


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